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Tamworth visit

Posted by sm1d on December 12, 2010

I visited the Staffordshire town of Tamworth for Gateshead’s Blue Sq. Premier clash at The Lamb Ground on 13th November 2010.

My Bevvy Almanac for an enjoyable day in this quaint town was –

The Silk Kite and The Bole Bridge which are both JDW pubs with Wetherspoons having its autumn beer festival, so plenty of good choice, enjoying

JW Lees ‘Chocoholic’ (3.6%)****

Freeminer ‘ Hairway To Steaven’ (5%)****

Flying Dutchman ‘Juniper’ (4.3%)***

White Horse ‘Snivellers Corner’ (4.7%)***

Woods ‘Purple Haze’ (4.4%)***

I thought the best pub with great beer and quality juke box was the Sir Robert Peel where I supped Church End’ Have Two Brute’ (4.2%)****

Before the match I visited the White Lion – Adnams Bitter(3.7%)*** and afterwards I was disapointed to find The Albert open – but without any beer! So my visit ended with a pint of Bass Premium Ale (4.4%)*** at the Tweeddale Arms.


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Shrewsbury revisited

Posted by sm1d on March 15, 2010

The Three Fishes
The Salopian Bar
Montgomery’s Tower
The Shrewsbury Hotel
The Bulls Head


I visited Shrewsbury on 13th March 2010 for Town’s League Two clash with Rochdale at the Prostar Stadium. 

I started off my visit by ticking off the two Wetherspoon pubs in the town. Firstly I called into ‘The Shrewsbury Hotel’ which has been a public house since the 17th century. The pub was previously known as the ‘Welsh Harp’ and later ‘ The Brittania’ before becoming the Shrewsbury Hotel in the 1960’s and became part of the ‘spoons chain in 1998. The bar has a spacious outdoor seating area and car park which looks out towards the River Severn.

Supped – WOODS Shropshire Lad (4.5%) ***

Montgomery’s Tower is a short walk from the Shrewsbury Hotel around by The Quarry public park. This is part of the Lloyds no.1 chain and is nicely decked out with a large dining area and I imagine would get quite busy in the evening.

Supped – SALOPIN Shropshire Gold (3.8%)***

The Salopian Bar has been the winner of the local CAMRA pub of the year over the last two years. The pub is quite cosy with large leather settees and two TV screens beaming live football, on my visit there was two simultaneous matches taking place so there was a choice of which game you wished to view. There’s a good selection of ales on offer as well as a large section of  Belgian beers if that’s what wets your whistle.

Supped – STONEHOUSE Station Bitter (3.9%)***

The Three Fishes is off the main High Street hidden through a passageway in the medieval end of town. This 15th century building stands in the shadow of  St Alkmond’s and St Julian’s churches. The pub offers a choice of six ales brewed both locally and nationally and is a proper local with friendly staff and atmosphere.

Supped – BRAINS The Rev. James (4.5%)***

The Bulls Head is the closest pub to Shrewsbury Rail station. The pub is owned by the Marston Brewery but includes guest ales, one of which was the winner of   – “my best pint of the day”

Supped  –  WYCHWOOD – Paddy’s Stout (4.3%)****

My Matchday – 244 Prostar Stadium

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Hucknall Town

Posted by sm1d on September 18, 2009

patter to follow –

Hucknall 002Hucknall 003

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Welcome to my Bevvy Almanac

Posted by sm1d on November 25, 2008

[countable] plural bevvies
British English informal
a drink, especially an alcoholic drink
n.   A usually annual reference book composed of various lists, tables, and often brief articles relating to a particular field or many general fields.
[Middle English almenak, from Medieval Latin almanach, perhaps from Late Greek almenikhiaka, ephemeris, perhaps of Coptic origin.]
This website is a record of the various public houses I’ve visited at home on my travels away, usually watching football and groundhopping.
The real ale beverages have been recorded and each giving a 5 star ratings, together with links to the pubs visited.
The website also includes blog posts with pictures of some of my favourite pubs visited both home and away.

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