The Bevvy Almanac

A personal record of hostelleries visited in the pursuit of consuming Real Ale.

5* Ratings

The 5 star ratings are my personal taste and not necessarily a guide to the beers listed. We all have individual tastes and different opinions. This is how I perceived each beer, because I know what I like and I like what I drink!
*****  This is a pint that goes down very easily, the first pint is usually drank within a couple of minutes once poured, a permanent favourite, always enjoyed and always thirsty for more once consumed.

**** A top quality pint, always pleased to see it available when walking into a pub, really love it and highly recommended.

*** A very nice pint, some people may think it deserves better recognition, but I still enjoy it and happy to sup it anytime

** This pint I wasn’t too chewed on, other people might still enjoy this drink, but I’m afraid it wasn’t my cup of tea..sorry..I mean pint of beer!

* A rarity, a cross between cats piss and tatty water.



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