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Corner kicks and sips!

Posted by sm1d on May 7, 2009

Brentford’s Griffin Park stadium is famous for being the only ground in the country to have a pub in each corner. Whilst there I naturally visited all four, here’s pics and a brief rundown of each venue.

Royal Oak

Royal Oak

 My first port of call was The Royal Oak, which is more of a traditional local. The bar staff are very friendly and I was made very welcome. If I was ever to revisit Brentford then I think the Oak would probably be my chosen boozer out of the four options available.

supped – John Smiths


The Griffin

 The Griffin is a traditional style pub which has played a major part in the history of Brentford FC. The pub is owned by Fullers and serves a lovely pint of London Pride. The pub has a few seats on the main street as well as a nice beer garden at the side. My only one complained about The Griffin would be the bloke(landlord?)behind the bar who short changed me, taking advantage of a stranger in town.

supped Fullers London Pride ****



The Princess Royal

The Princess Royal is quite a spacious pub which caters for home fans only and has plenty of  TV screens showing live football. The pub has a strange system to gain entry, you have to produce your match ticket then in return your giving a dayglo green wristband, allowing you to return to the pub later on if you wish.

supped– Fullers London Pride 


The New Inn

The New Inn is where away supporters are welcome. The pub has a standing area at the front and a picturesque beer garden at the rear. The walls are decorated with Celtic FC memorabilia, especially tributes to the legendary Lisbon Lions. There’s also a library with a selection of football books, where I read an old Tropical Times annual from 1978. Overall a great pub for away fans.

supped – John Smiths

My Matchday 213 Griffin Park


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