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Pride of The Felling

Posted by sm1d on December 8, 2008

The Old Fox

The Old Fox


Recently when I’ve gone down to Gateshead Stadium. I’ve walked to the match (well from wor hoose, it’s all downhill) walking through the Felling and calling into the Wheatshief and The Old Fox on the way.

These two pubs are found on Carlisle Street, which is situated between the Felling-by-pass and sunderland Road, and are by far, the best two pubs in the Felling. (well probably the only two good’uns…..Ed)

The Old Fox used to be a regular haunt for myself and my old mate Andy, mainly around the mid 1980’s, when his first marital home was a flat across the road in Church Court. We regularly popped in to The Fox, especially on a Friday night, when they had a live band on, playing on the tiniest of stages in the corner. We used to work our way along the bar, savouring a pint of each selection, with our particular favourites at the time being Theakstons Old Peculiar and Castle Eden Ale (which they still sell) The bar is a Camerons pub, but also has five guest beers, along with the Hartlepool brewers regular favourites. Over 20 years have passed and the pub hasn’t changed a bit, it looks exactly the same and maintaining the same good habits; a good selection of ales and regular live bands 



About 50 yards further down the street is The Wheatshief, standing proudly alone, everything around it The Wheatshiefdemolished and no more, just like the flats and maisonettes where Andy once lived. Again, just like The Fox, The Wheatshief hasn’t changed at all, the only clue that you haven’t been transported back in time is the modern flat screen TV in the corner showing Sky Sports.

One of Tyneside’s oldest micro breweries Big Lamp recently celebrated it’s 25 year anniversary and The Wheatshief was one of the original Big Lamp pubs. They serve a 5 star pint of Prince Bishop as well as Sunny Daze as regulars, with a changing barrel, where they’ve recently had ‘One Hop Wonder’ and ‘Keelman Brown’ as guests.

The pub also had a birthday of it’s own last year, 100 years since it served its first pint, and in 2009 it again takes it’s place in the Good Pub Guide, looking at the number of ‘We’re in it’ stickers on the front door, that makes it at least the last six or seven years running.

This is a great old fashioned pub, the landlord Jimmy is a canny lad and even though I’ve walked into the pub alone, I’ve always ended up having a bit crack and a laugh with the regulars at the bar, this along with the excellent beer, makes it a priority stop off point on my way to the Heed match


9 Responses to “Pride of The Felling”

  1. Sm1d – I really like the look of The Wheat Sheaf. It appears to need plenty of help to stand up, a bit like some of those who drink there perhaps?

    Simple Pieman

  2. Jim Morris said

    Nice site – well worth a visit

  3. jim storey said

    well i thank you all
    the wheatsheaf is a small great real ale bar . no juke box or pool table . no loud music just a plain old fashioned pub.
    jim storey

  4. liz from jarrow said

    i know some people that have drank in this pub and say it has a nice friendly atmosphere its good to see these old pubs still going

  5. shirley convery said

    ive been in this pub,its a nice atmosphere, friendly people and staff, ive joined a web site to bring smoking back in pubs to hopefully help keep alot of them open.

  6. Steve G said

    Looks a great pub, will go visit (in March this year, definitely, honest). But I KNOW it’s a good pub, I’ve been told by many who already (hic) frequent it…

  7. My brother is Rob… and I am helping Jack on his cask task I’m helping him drink ale and feed the blog. He’s new to one and very old to the other. Re the Old Fox and the Wheatsheaf I couldn’t fail to disagree with you less and Jack and I have it on our list of must do’s. We’re mid week day time crawlers and I don’t think those two are open then

  8. jim storey said

    well jon andy if you give me a call and im around i am always willing to open the bar during the day if asked
    jim storey
    0191 4200659

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