The Bevvy Almanac

A personal record of hostelleries visited in the pursuit of consuming Real Ale.

Welcome to my Bevvy Almanac

Posted by sm1d on November 25, 2008

[countable] plural bevvies
British English informal
a drink, especially an alcoholic drink
n.   A usually annual reference book composed of various lists, tables, and often brief articles relating to a particular field or many general fields.
[Middle English almenak, from Medieval Latin almanach, perhaps from Late Greek almenikhiaka, ephemeris, perhaps of Coptic origin.]
This website is a record of the various public houses I’ve visited at home on my travels away, usually watching football and groundhopping.
The real ale beverages have been recorded and each giving a 5 star ratings, together with links to the pubs visited.
The website also includes blog posts with pictures of some of my favourite pubs visited both home and away.

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